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Hello and welcome to Discovering Beauty, my name is Ayshe and I am a skincare addict. 

I started Discovering Beauty after struggling with a cycle of spots and scarring throughout my teens and into my 20s. A new years resolution later I decided that it was time to get my skin under control and started testing out lots of different products and treatments and experimenting more with makeup, which I always avoided because of my skin.

My blog really is my space to share my experience with products and update on the status of my quest for flawless skin so reviews are individualistic although I do try to state who I believe might like a product and see results. Of course everyone is different and part of the fun is finding out about those different experiences so I love to read comments that offer advice and a different point of view on a product. 

I try my best to update frequently but at the same time offer reviews that are in-depth and honest and I would much rather have a few days without a post than put up something that I feel is incomplete.

I am fortunate enough to receive samples and I treat these as I would any other product and keep my review honest and thorough. At some point in the post, there will be a note to say where the product came from. 

I also do sample session posts and these samples have come from events, magazines, free gifts with purchase and friends and should be assumed to be something I got for free, I just can’t always remember where to say exactly!

For reference:
I have combination/dry skin and experience monthly hormonal breakouts on my cheeks. The dryness has resulted in scarring all over my body and I also have pitted scars on my cheeks. 
My hair is naturally dark, curly, dry and thick. 
My skin tone is a light-medium with golden/neutral undertones. 

I test all skin care products for at least a month and I try not to use more than one new product at a time so that I can get a good feel for what a product does or doesn’t do. I will also stop using the product for a period to see how my skin reacts without it. Because of this way of testing there is potential for a lag time between skincare posts so I have introduced first impressions for skin care, which I post after a week or two of use and then follow up later. 

I also test hair products for a month and makeup goes through at least a week of continuous use before I make up my mind.

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact for any other reason please email me at discoveringbeautytoday@gmail.com

You can also find me on TwitterFacebook and Google+
Thank you for reading!

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