Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Riemann P20 Once A Day Protection

I do care about my skin, I really do, and I want to protect it from the sun, but, I hate applying sunscreen. I'm not sure why because I am happy to take care of the skin on my face, but I just don't have the same urgency with the rest of my body. Let me know if you can relate.

So once-a-day solutions should be ideal for those lazy like me. Reimann offers a few strengths of SPF I have the SPF20 and SPF30.  The SPF 20 is a thicker pour solution, and SPF30 is spray. I'm not sure why there is a difference, but I prefer the pour application for making sure I apply plenty. That said, this may have changed by now, because I have using my back-up supplies from February last year! 

I'll start with the good, I like the gel/liquid like application since this makes it is easy to spread, and it doesn't start streaking or going white when you sweat or go in the pool. It also doesn't apply badly when the skin is wet.

On the cons side, it doesn't smell good, it is alcohol based from what I can tell, and despite that it takes a while to soak into the skin.

If you are on a holiday where you are walking around all day, then this is ideal. Or if you are just the sort of person who forgets to reapply. That said, I have burnt using this when swimming. It is extremely hot here (40+) and swimming all day just increases the risk of burning. I really needed to reapply frequently, and I probably should use factor 50. So that's just a cautionary note if you are hoping to rely on this totally, you shouldn't, especially if you are in visiting somewhere extremely hot.

You can buy Riemann P20 Once A Day Protection from Look Fantastic, here, starting from £9.70.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Links I love #3

1. 30 Ways to use Coconut Oil
I had no idea there were so many ways to use coconut oil. I think I will give oil pulling a miss though.

2. True Crime Podcasts
I eventually jumped on the Serial bandwagon and loved it! Now I miss it, but this lists gives me a crime fix while I wait for the series to return.

3. 10 Breathtaking Places You Have Never Heard Of
I warn you that you will get a serious case of itchy feet after reading this post. I'm pleased to say I have visited one of them.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Have you ever purchased a product out of annoyance? Because what you really wanted wasn't in stock? Having heard so many good things about the Camomile Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop I really wanted to try it, they do sell it in Muscat but it hasn't been in stock for weeks and I got fed up and decided to try the butter instead.

A first look it doesn't seem like you get much product for your money, the cleanser is housed in a compact metal tin, which would be a great size for travel, but just looks like it would be finished in a couple of uses. But, a little goes a long way. The cleanser itself is quite waxy and once you pick the product up it warms in your hands and becomes an oil that feels lovely on the skin. It works really well to remove all makeup, including eye makeup and mascara.

The instructions say to rinse and even though it is oily, it rinses well, but I still prefer to use a cloth so that I am sure I don't leave behind any residue. It leaves the skin feeling clea, but not stripped, so I would say it is more suited to normal/dry skin types.

The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter can be purchased from The Body Shop for £12.00 for 90ml.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ By Alpha-H

Unsurprisingly, since moving to the Middle East finding good sun protection has been high on my beauty priority list. The sun is intense here so using a high SPF is crucial: I am yet to go outside for any length of time without going a little red.

While on holiday and lounging by the pool/beach all day the requirements for a sunscreen are pretty basic -- protect skin -- but when you live in a hot climate you need something that does that and sits well under makeup. And that is exactly Alpha-H's Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ does. At this stage I will add this: this is my everyday moisturiser, and although it is ridiculously hot and sunny I make sure my sun exposure time is minimal and don't actually reapply this throughout the day.

I use this as the last step in my skincare routine, on top of my moisturiser. The SPF is tinted, but this doesn't translate on the skin at all. It sinks in quickly doesn't leave a film or tacky layer. It also doesn't seem to "melt" over the course of a day (I'm sure everyone can relate to those sun protection creams that ball up or settle on your nose after a time). My makeup lasts considerably longer while I am wearing this compared to a regular moisturiser/SPF combo, so I skip any primer step now. It would add though for the best result, give it a good few minutes to sink in; I usually brush my teeth then start with any makeup application.

Although it is not described as a moisturiser, dry skins don't need to worry about it causing dryness and, equally, oily skins don't need to worry about it feeling greasy either.

It does work out on the pricey side for everyday use, but can you really put a price on protecting your face?

You can purchase the moisturiser from Cult Beauty and QVC, at around £36 for 50ml.

p.s I have used this when out in the sun for longer periods and I did go a little red, partly because I was naughty and didn't reapply, and I did also swim. The formulation isn't waterproof so if you are thinking of using this for beach/pool-side use then you will either need to reapply much more frequently or pick up a waterproof sunscreen. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Links I love #2

 I really set myself up for failure when I start new features, let's pretend I didn't miss a week, ok?

Here are some links I have loved in the last (few) weeks.

1. Raising a Traveling Tribe: The Downside of The Wind in Your Hair
As an expat I can completely relate to the sentiments in this post. Often I feel like I am missing out on huge aspects of my families lives and it makes me sad.

2. What Next?
This a post from a college friend of mine, we did our journalism course together. Being someone who hasn’t quite figured it out career wise, I know where she is coming from. I think her ideas for the future are fantastic and I really hope she gets to write more. If you leave a comment (you should) let her know I sent you; her blog is fantastic.

3. Things I’ve Learnt Living With A Boyfriend
Clearly I’ve had a very reflective week based on my reading! Having only started living together with my husband after marriage, the lessons are the same.

4. 4 Things Tidy People Do Every Day (Besides Make the Bed)
I don’t know how he does it but my husband can make the whole house a mess just sitting in the same spot all day. Any tips I can find to keep our home presentable are much appreciated.

5. Bringing On Labour: Why the Sudden Rush?
Maybe I am in a pre-nesting phase, but I have loved reading Ruth’s (A Model Recommends) blog on pregnancy. She is such a fantastic writer and this post in particular had me giggling.

6. Clarins Everlasting Foundation+
Back to some beauty, this post by Beauty Geek really had me wanting to test Clarins foundation. The hunt for something long-lasting continues and this sounds just right.

Please share with me any must-reads and I’ll do my best to make sure I don’t fall behind again next week!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Vaseline Spray and Go Body Moisturiser

I do love when you come across a product that changes how you feel about all products in the same category. I have never been a fan of body moisturisers. Sure, I encountered one or two in the past that I really enjoyed using, but none got me into the habit of regularly moisturising my body: until I tried Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser.

It was an impulse buy when I returned to the UK last year. I shower in the mornings and this appeals to the side of me that would rather spend an extra five minutes in bed than moisturise. The spray produces a fine, almost liquid-like mist, that works from all angles so I am able to apply the moisturiser to my back. The instructions say to rub in after spraying, but you can skip this, and then you are done. No stickiness, not greasiness, no downtime. Simple.

Now I do have to add this, is it the best moisturiser out there? Probably not, but the fact that that I am now moisturising is only a good thing. My legs, in particular, get very dry and itchy, and while I still suffer from that a little it is considerably better than it was. I even feel like my legs look in better condition too: my skin is less dull looking.

Vaseline Spray and Go is available from Boots for £4.99/190ml, here. There are three variations of the scent, I have Aloe Fresh, which is barely scented. There is also Cocoa Radiant (cocoa butter) and Essential Moisture (oat extract) . It seems to be running out quite quickly even though you feel like you are applying very little product. That said, I have caught my husband using it too!

If you are in Muscat I am glad to report that you can get your hands on this from Sultan Center, but you will pay a premium I seem to remember it being around 5 OMR (UK people that works out at about £8.50). I won't be repurchasing at that price and even though I am someone who doesn't like body moisturisers I seem to have accumulated a lot of them so I really should work through those first!

If you have recommendations for a must have body moisturiser let me know.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Wet Brush

As a rule I stay away from brushes for my curly hair; combs are more gentle with the curls and you would never take a comb or a brush anywhere near dry curly hair unless the frizzy look is your thing. So the only option is to style your hair when wet, but brushing wet hair is also meant to be a no-no as it's more prone to breakage.

As a curly-haired girl, you can see my dilemma. So when I was asked if I would like to try a brush intended to be used on wet hair it sounded like the perfect option.

The Wet Brush, well it's like a traditional brush, except that it has thin and flexible bristles that feel surprisingly soft and gentle on the hair and scalp. It has been a long time since I've had a brush on my scalp and I always remember them being very scratchy and uncomfortable, but The Wet Brush almost felt like a massage and that is meant to stimulate circulation at the follicle. The design of the bristles is meant to allow pain-free detangling, which I found to be true.

It can be used on dry hair too, but as I mentioned you can't do that with curls as it just ruins them, so I haven't tried.

The Wet Brush cost varies depending on the size, colour and shape you choose, but they start from £7.99 on Look Fantastic. If you are after my metallic purple colour though, that is exclusive to Sally's and costs £8.99.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughs

I actually preordered this book and didn't intend on writing a review having seen so many over social media when it was published. But seven months after its release, and having already read it cover to cover, I find myself dipping in and out of it: sometimes to remind myself of something, and other times just because Sali is such an engaging writer.

Briefly, it is a beauty book, but not the picture book kind. Pictures are actually rare, and it is actually a series of mini-essays about various topics, some you would expect, like acne and makeup application, and others that aren't really touched upon, like pregnancy or beauty in illness.

Sali takes a refreshing approach, she is frank but humorous and, what I like most of all, never preachy. Before this book Sali always made the distinction between beauty and the beauty industry, that you could love beauty and at the same time be critical of the industry, oh and actually think about other things too. She maintains that stance and along with her personal anecdotes and advice you get the sense that you are having a conversation with a really good friend.

Oddly, I liked the chapter about teenage beauty the best. It is the type of thing I wish I had read as a
teenager and I made sure to make my younger cousin read it so that she would hopefully 1) know it's ok to enjoy makeup and experiment and 2) not cover her lovely skin with a thick foundation when she doesn't have to.

I don't think this is just a book for beauty fans, the beauty novice would enjoy it too, which makes it a fantastic gift for any woman. It covers everything from the basics (knowing your skin type and cleansing) and also covers more advanced makeup skills, like contouring and perfecting that eyeliner flick.

You can purchase the book from Amazon or WH Smith. The softback isn't available yet, but the hardback is beautiful so go for that.
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