Sunday, 22 February 2015

One-year spending ban?

At the beginning of January I floated the idea on Twitter of imposing a one-year spending ban on makeup. My favourite response was this one:

I went through (and still am going through) what I imagine every beauty enthusiast goes through at some stage, the thought that I might possibly have enough makeup.

Then it became a bit of a fascination, could my stash take me through a whole year without needing to buy anything? I seriously think it could. As it is I haven't actually purchased any makeup since October when I was back in London. Even that I haven't touched yet, although that is, in part, because I need to take blog pics first (I know #bloggerproblems). So that's three and a half months already.

I have just finished my favourite concealer (Nars creamy concealer), and my CC cream, which I use daily is on its last squirts, as is my Benefit Brow. For all I either have alternatives or back-ups already.

I know myself though and as soon as I make this a formal ban I will have nothing but the urge to buy something, anything, beauty related.

So for now I will just continue to see how long I can go without a purchase. How long do you think you could manage? Would your stash see you through a year?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spa days

“Finally. A blog post" you might say, well sort of. I wanted to signpost you to a blog you might be interested in though and that's over on my lifestyle blog. It is a look at a spa I visited as part of celebrations of my one-year wedding anniversary: one-year already!
My love of spas actually began with my hen weekend where my girlfriends and family arrange a day spa experience, as the bride I was treated to two treatments and we spent a lovely day curled up in our gowns talking and eating. You may have seen this this picture on Instagram posted by Aysh of me and my fellow blogging beauties.
When on honeymoon in Thailand me and my husband visited a spa on our last day. Thailand is known for its spa treatments and we enjoyed a three and a half hour pamper session, including a steam room, jacuzzi, scrub, wrap, massage and gold-leaf facial. We had our own hut where the treatments took place and what was most impressive was the seamless way one treatment flowed into another. In between treatments we were given drinks and even a cake, and throughout we heard the sound of birds chirping and running water. Pure bliss. The treatments were tailored to us each perfectly, my husband prefers a hard massage whereas I am a bit more delicate, but each of us came away saying that the pressure was just right.

If I could treat myself to a spa once a month, I would be very happy: that's something to work towards I guess.

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