Friday, 19 June 2015

Vaseline Spray and Go Body Moisturiser

I do love when you come across a product that changes how you feel about all products in the same category. I have never been a fan of body moisturisers. Sure, I encountered one or two in the past that I really enjoyed using, but none got me into the habit of regularly moisturising my body: until I tried Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser.

It was an impulse buy when I returned to the UK last year. I shower in the mornings and this appeals to the side of me that would rather spend an extra five minutes in bed than moisturise. The spray produces a fine, almost liquid-like mist, that works from all angles so I am able to apply the moisturiser to my back. The instructions say to rub in after spraying, but you can skip this, and then you are done. No stickiness, not greasiness, no downtime. Simple.

Now I do have to add this, is it the best moisturiser out there? Probably not, but the fact that that I am now moisturising is only a good thing. My legs, in particular, get very dry and itchy, and while I still suffer from that a little it is considerably better than it was. I even feel like my legs look in better condition too: my skin is less dull looking.

Vaseline Spray and Go is available from Boots for £4.99/190ml, here. There are three variations of the scent, I have Aloe Fresh, which is barely scented. There is also Cocoa Radiant (cocoa butter) and Essential Moisture (oat extract) . It seems to be running out quite quickly even though you feel like you are applying very little product. That said, I have caught my husband using it too!

If you are in Muscat I am glad to report that you can get your hands on this from Sultan Center, but you will pay a premium I seem to remember it being around 5 OMR (UK people that works out at about £8.50). I won't be repurchasing at that price and even though I am someone who doesn't like body moisturisers I seem to have accumulated a lot of them so I really should work through those first!

If you have recommendations for a must have body moisturiser let me know.
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