Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Wet Brush

As a rule I stay away from brushes for my curly hair; combs are more gentle with the curls and you would never take a comb or a brush anywhere near dry curly hair unless the frizzy look is your thing. So the only option is to style your hair when wet, but brushing wet hair is also meant to be a no-no as it's more prone to breakage.

As a curly-haired girl, you can see my dilemma. So when I was asked if I would like to try a brush intended to be used on wet hair it sounded like the perfect option.

The Wet Brush, well it's like a traditional brush, except that it has thin and flexible bristles that feel surprisingly soft and gentle on the hair and scalp. It has been a long time since I've had a brush on my scalp and I always remember them being very scratchy and uncomfortable, but The Wet Brush almost felt like a massage and that is meant to stimulate circulation at the follicle. The design of the bristles is meant to allow pain-free detangling, which I found to be true.

It can be used on dry hair too, but as I mentioned you can't do that with curls as it just ruins them, so I haven't tried.

The Wet Brush cost varies depending on the size, colour and shape you choose, but they start from £7.99 on Look Fantastic. If you are after my metallic purple colour though, that is exclusive to Sally's and costs £8.99.
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