Thursday, 25 June 2015

Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ By Alpha-H

Unsurprisingly, since moving to the Middle East finding good sun protection has been high on my beauty priority list. The sun is intense here so using a high SPF is crucial: I am yet to go outside for any length of time without going a little red.

While on holiday and lounging by the pool/beach all day the requirements for a sunscreen are pretty basic -- protect skin -- but when you live in a hot climate you need something that does that and sits well under makeup. And that is exactly Alpha-H's Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ does. At this stage I will add this: this is my everyday moisturiser, and although it is ridiculously hot and sunny I make sure my sun exposure time is minimal and don't actually reapply this throughout the day.

I use this as the last step in my skincare routine, on top of my moisturiser. The SPF is tinted, but this doesn't translate on the skin at all. It sinks in quickly doesn't leave a film or tacky layer. It also doesn't seem to "melt" over the course of a day (I'm sure everyone can relate to those sun protection creams that ball up or settle on your nose after a time). My makeup lasts considerably longer while I am wearing this compared to a regular moisturiser/SPF combo, so I skip any primer step now. It would add though for the best result, give it a good few minutes to sink in; I usually brush my teeth then start with any makeup application.

Although it is not described as a moisturiser, dry skins don't need to worry about it causing dryness and, equally, oily skins don't need to worry about it feeling greasy either.

It does work out on the pricey side for everyday use, but can you really put a price on protecting your face?

You can purchase the moisturiser from Cult Beauty and QVC, at around £36 for 50ml.

p.s I have used this when out in the sun for longer periods and I did go a little red, partly because I was naughty and didn't reapply, and I did also swim. The formulation isn't waterproof so if you are thinking of using this for beach/pool-side use then you will either need to reapply much more frequently or pick up a waterproof sunscreen. 
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