Monday, 8 June 2015

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughs

I actually preordered this book and didn't intend on writing a review having seen so many over social media when it was published. But seven months after its release, and having already read it cover to cover, I find myself dipping in and out of it: sometimes to remind myself of something, and other times just because Sali is such an engaging writer.

Briefly, it is a beauty book, but not the picture book kind. Pictures are actually rare, and it is actually a series of mini-essays about various topics, some you would expect, like acne and makeup application, and others that aren't really touched upon, like pregnancy or beauty in illness.

Sali takes a refreshing approach, she is frank but humorous and, what I like most of all, never preachy. Before this book Sali always made the distinction between beauty and the beauty industry, that you could love beauty and at the same time be critical of the industry, oh and actually think about other things too. She maintains that stance and along with her personal anecdotes and advice you get the sense that you are having a conversation with a really good friend.

Oddly, I liked the chapter about teenage beauty the best. It is the type of thing I wish I had read as a
teenager and I made sure to make my younger cousin read it so that she would hopefully 1) know it's ok to enjoy makeup and experiment and 2) not cover her lovely skin with a thick foundation when she doesn't have to.

I don't think this is just a book for beauty fans, the beauty novice would enjoy it too, which makes it a fantastic gift for any woman. It covers everything from the basics (knowing your skin type and cleansing) and also covers more advanced makeup skills, like contouring and perfecting that eyeliner flick.

You can purchase the book from Amazon or WH Smith. The softback isn't available yet, but the hardback is beautiful so go for that.
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