Monday, 3 November 2014

Body Shop Wild Argan Collection

I remember argan oil really getting big in the beauty world after I came back from a trip to Morroco without some. At the time I remember thinking, "I dunno I've never heard of this stuff, it might not be any good".

I was wrong, and I have kicked myself ever since for not picking up a bottle.
Since then products containing argan oil have become very popular and the Body Shop have recently release their own range paying homage to the precious oil.

It is worth noting that the products are not 100% argan oil, if they were they wouldn't be so affordable.

There are eight products in the collection and I selected two to try, the Radiant Oil and the Miracle Solid Oil, which can both be used on the hair and body.

Of the two, The Radiant Oil is the one I have reached for the most. It is a light, dry oil that leaves the skin hydrated but without a greasy residue, and it also leaves a subtle sheen. At £14, it is incredibly good value as I expect it will last many months.

Used on wet hair, it dries leaving it feeling soft and smelling wonderful (it has a light coconut fragrance). I found that my hair looked and felt greasy the next day. I know that I can be a bit over zealous when it comes to applying any kind of hair product so I would suggest applying a minimal amount or only using it on dry hair to tame flyaways and add shine.

The Miracle Solid Oil, £8, is as the name suggests a solid form of the oil that you warm up with your fingers to melt before using. Like the Radiant Oil, I found this made my hair greasy the next day, but it felt lovely on the skin. It took a bit more work to have it absorb so this is my night/weekend bath treat when I have more time to work with it. I would also use this on my feet overnight and it would be ideal to take on weekends away or holidays as it is so nourishing and also compact for travel.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Collection can be purchased online or in stores.
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