Monday, 1 September 2014

The chop

I wouldn't normally blog about a haircut, but this was no regular haircut.

Not only was it much needed, it is far too hot to maintain long hair here, but it was my first haircut ever by someone other than my mum and it was by a hairdresser that only speaks Arabic. Luckily, I had my sister-in-law with me to explain that I wanted a haircut and I wanted to go short. And this is the result. 
Her cutting style was new to me, not that I can explain what it was. The stylist didn't agree that I should go too short so she kept my hair long in the back and added lots of layers, framing my face with shorter sections. The result still looks quite short though, as my hair is lighter and my curls tend to bounce more.
On the day she showed me how I could roughly dry it and then blow dry some big, loose curls. I'm too lazy to do that on a daily basis and just use a moose when my hair is wet and allow it to dry naturally. The best part is that even day two hair looks amazing. My curls tend to fall out, and when my hair was long it just looked like a matted, frizzy mess. It now still looks messy, but much more like an intentional messy bed-head look. 
To style I use the Glossy Curl moose by Kera Science and then leave my hair to dry naturally. When I was living in the UK I always hated the texture that a moose would give, so I'm not sure if this moose is particularly good, or if it just works better with the water and the weather here. Or it could be that this is the only curly hair product I can find and I have to like it. 

At least for the foreseeable I'll be sticking to this shorter style, so I just need to learn the Arabic for "same again please”.
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