Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I know by now nearly every beauty lover must have seen swatches of ModelsOwn Speckled Eggs collection, but I wanted to share anyway since, even though there have been many collections since, these have held a place as one of my favourite nail effects polishes.

ModelsOwn speckled magpie
I own two of the five shades, Dove, which is a pastel pink, and Magpie, a mint green. Both are beautiful, but Magpie just edges it as a favourite, it really is a striking colour and showcases the effect so well.

Both polishes need at least two, but I usually apply three, coats for full opaqueness. I like the look of the layered spots and the more layers the greater the look. The good thing is that there is no clumpiness or dragging with additional coats.
ModelsOwn Dove speckled collection
The polishes dry to a semi-matte finish, and the drying time was quick, but I'm not sure how much that is down to living in a warm environment as opposed to the formula. You can add a top coat for a glossy finish or a matte top coat for a true Mini Egg look.

Without top coat, the polish lasted about four days before I started to see wear at the tip, a great result if, like me, you don't like changing your polish too often.

Overall, I can't fault these polishes, and at £4.99 a bottle, I think everyone should own at least one!

ModelsOwn can be found in Superdrug stores, as well as individual stands in shopping centres, but I would check them out online, here, as they currently have a six bottles for £20 promotion.
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