Sunday, 28 September 2014

Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

These days I rarely buy something without checking out a review first, but when I was lured to the Smashbox counter for a makeover and sweet talked by the assistant I ended up walking away with three products.

The first was the Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer, which promises to "lock on more vibrant colour for a full 24 hours, with no fading, creasing or smudging". It is also sweat and humidity resistant (which is the feature that had me sold).
The primer comes in a small silver tube and is a thick balm. It takes a little squeezing to get it out of the tube, but because it is so thick you don't end up dispensing too much and there is no wastage. A little is enough to cover both eyelids and the skin below the lower lash line.

The application isn't like any primer I have used before and needs a little more work. The primer is almost waxy and you need to allow it to warm up on the skin to spread it easily, you then, most importantly, need to give it a minute to set before applying your eyeshadow or liner. If you try to apply anything before that minute the primer still feels sticky and can end up dragging. I also use this to prime under my eye to hold liner/shadow in place as well as concealer.
As I mentioned, the feature that had me sold was the sweat and humidity resistant claims. After the setting time I noticed that my usually oily eyelids are mattified, and most days I use the primer for this effect alone, and when you do apply shadow, it does last all day. I haven't tested it for up to 24 hours, but I have worn it for a typical working day and night out and there was no fading or creasing in that time. I typically splash my face with water a few times a day too, and the shadow doesn't budge.

Smashbox's primer has just taken the lead as my favourite eyeshadow primer, which was previous Urban Decay's primer potion. I much prefer the texture of this primer and I like that I can use it alone to improve the look of my eyelids.

The primer costs £18 for 12ml and can be purchased from Smashbox online or from Boots. If you are in the Middle East you can find Smashbox in Sephora and Faces.

This isn't a primer I have seen reviewed much, so it seems to be a bit of a hidden gem. Are you tempted?
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