Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty question marks

Once in a while I end up with products that I use to the last drop, all the while not really knowing if I like them. They're not bad, but they haven't really done anything either. Am I the only one this happens to? 
The question marks in my drawer right now are: 

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm
This is a much raved about lip balm, but I just can't understand the hype. Granted, I first started using it at a time when I was suffering with major dryness and a case of sun burn on my lips, and this did nothing to relieve the soreness or add any moisture. Since then my lips are better and I've tried using this as a lipstick base, since I heard it dries matte but I didn't notice that and to me this is just like any other balm that sits on top of the lips and acts like a barrier.

Stila One Step Correct
There aren't many products that I think look as attractive as this. Each colour is responsible for correcting a different skin issue; green to minimise redness, lavender to counteract sallow undertones, and peach to brighten, illuminate and dimish the appearance of sunspots. Unfortunately, as a color corrector haven't noticed a difference no matter how much or little I apply and it just seems like an unnecessary layer. 

Urban Decay Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray
I was highly recommended this by the sales assistant who claimed it had reduced her breakouts and generally made her skin that much better. It was before the wedding and I was told the vitamin boost would benefit my skin, so I was sold. I used it twice a day as instructed and didn't notice any changes, good or bad. The spray is meant to be soothing, reduce redness and minimise pores as well as absorb oil. It is nice to mist on the skin, very refreshing, but that's not enough to justify the price tag. 
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