Monday, 7 July 2014

My favourite perfumes

The one class of products that I could never do justice in a review is perfume. I have no understanding of how they are put together (base notes?) or what categories they fall into (woody, fruity, fresh?). In fact the only thing I do understand is the difference between a Eau de Toilette and an Eau de Parfum. All I know is what I like when I smell it in the shop and my choices are based on that alone.

I admire anyone who does perfume review, I of course have no understanding of them, but I admire that a blogger can describe a scent so well in words.

However, I thought it was still worth sharing with you my top perfume scents, but this post is a little cheeky, because I know that a lot of my readers will be more knowledgeable than me and I'm hoping you can tell me what it is I like!

My favourite perfume of all time is Emporio Armarni, She. I remember receiving a sample of this at a Ricky Martin concert (don't judge me!) when I was about 11, and I have had a bottle ever since. There are a lot of perfumes that I have loved but eventually become bored of and this scent is the exception. It is definitely what I consider my signature scent. When I have been on the hunt for a new perfume, I always tell the assistants that this is the scent I love so that they can base recommendations on that, but they have all replied that this scent is too unique!

My second favourite perfume is Emporio Armani, Diamonds. I was originally enticed by the name and the advertising fronted by Beyonce, but the scent is

Finally, my third favourite is Davidoff, Cool Water (not pictured). This is distinctly different from the other two smells and wasn't something I selected for myself originally, but it is a scent that brings back a lot of memories of university for me and has to be in my list for that reason alone.

Let me know what your signature scent is? And if you are more clued up on scents than I am (which won't take much) I'd love to know what group I fall into and what I should smell next!
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