Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Celebrity Skincare Wipes

Over half of all skincare wipe reviews must start with some sort of disclosure and mine will be no different. I haven't used skincare wipes as a way of cleansing for a very long time it was something I was guilty of back in my university days before I understood how important was to have a proper routine. But I don't like to see products go to waste and after was given these wipes by Heaven by Deborah Mitchell at a press event, and told that I would love them, I knew it was only fair to give them a try. 
I'm pretty sure Debra, the head of the brand, said on the day of the event that these could be used to clean your teeth, now I would never go as far as to try these for that, but I can say that the wipes are a very effective make up remover and work great as step one of a routine. They even remove eye make up well and don't leave the skin feeling tight, so I can see where the cleansing, toning and moisturising claims come from. 
The wipes are 100% cotton and as a result feel very luxurious. They are lightly textured and contain apple pectin to exfoliate, honey to heal, and peppermint oil to treat blemishes. I haven't noticed any particular scent and I'm also pleased to report that even though I don't use these often, they have stayed moist in the pack. I have taken to saving these for holidays, chucking them in my flight bag, I've also used them when the days and has been particularly hot here, and I can feel my face sweating
The wipes are £7.91 for 30 and for a what can only be described as a luxury face wipe this seems like a reasonable price.

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Celebrity Skincare Wipes can be purchased from the Heaven Skincare website.
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