Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Foot pampering with Emjoi Micro Pedi and Elemis

I paid little to no attention to my feet before moving to the Middle East, but living exclusively in sandals and flip-flops means that my feet are no longer protected in socks and are looking a little dry. But I managed to tackle it before it became too much a problem with a lot of thanks to the Micro Pedi by Emjoi.

I have only ever had two pedicures and they were not pleasant, I have a mild foot phobia, I don't even like touching my own feet and having someone else do it is that much more uncomfortable, so the Micro Pedi suits me perfectly as a do-it-yourself home device.

The device is a battery operated and contains a micro-mineral roller, which buffs away the hard and dead skin. It is quick to use, and only tickles slightly, and is no where nearly as uncomfortable as the sensation of having someone touch your feet using that awful shaving device.
Initially, you can use this every day to get your feet in the best condition and then drop to once a week for maintenance. I then cover my feet with Elemis' Foot Cream and slip into socks to allow it to really soak in soften. I've never been a user of foot creams, but this was a product in British Beauty Bloggers Latest in Beauty Dream Box and I can understand why it was featured. The cream soaks in quickly without leaving your feet slippery and combined with the Micro Pedi, I noticed that my feet were softer and smoother with just one use.

I have got into the habit of using this at least once a week, after a shower or a quick foot soak, so that my skin has had a chance to be softened by the water. I recommend using over the bath or some newspaper to catch the shavings.

At around £40 the Micro Pedi can be purchased from Boots, Amazon and lots of other retailers. The roller can be replaced when needed and is sold separately for around £12. If you are someone who hates the pedicurists' chair, or who just doesn't want to dish out the money for a pedicure every couple of weeks, this is an excellent device to have at home.

How do you keep your feet soft and summer ready? Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated.

p.s The Micro Pedi was given to me to review. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. 
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