Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bedside beauty

As much as I love my night time skin care routine, some nights there is something about slipping into bed and then slathering on products that gives you a pampered feeling.

I've always kept an arsenal of beauty products by my bedside, usually to act as a nighttime treat or to slap on first thing in the morning. 
Since getting married I decided to be a little bit tidier about my collection and now keep all in this beautifully designed Birchbox, so what's inside.
The first and probably the most obvious choice for me is Bio Oil, whenever my skin is looking and feeling stressed this is what I turn to. More recently I've broken out in quiet stubborn spots, I suspect Pixie Glow Tonic is to blame, since that is the only recent addition to my skin care routine. Bio Oil always greatly reduces any redness and even helps clear spots away quicker, also living in and out of air conditioning means that my skin is on the dehydrated side, and this oil works a treat for that.
Another intensive moisturiser I turn to is Jurlique's Moisturising Cream Mask, which can either be left on the skin for 10 minutes and wiped away or used as an overnight hydrating mask. It has a beautiful rose scent and my skin aways feels that much softer in the morning after using. It is quite rich, so I would recommend using it more than once a week.

Sticking with the rose scent, I also have Jurlique's hand cream. I generally neglect my hands during the day and the evening is the only time I apply cream. The scent is the same as the cream mask and the cream itself soaks into the hands quickly without leaving them sticky or greasy.
Another consequence of the climate is that my lips seem to be in a constant state of dryness, I had this problem in the only UK anyway, but it's that much worse now to the extent that I wake up in the morning with the feeling my mouth is about to crack and that's when I turn to Blistex relief cream. It's not as good as the Intensive Moisturizer from the brand, but it does a good job of hydrating lips quickly.
Finally, not something I use very often, but the Treat Your Feet foot cream from Elemis is much needed now that my feet are also suffering from dryness, something I never experienced living in the UK where my feet were bundled up in socks every day. I now live in sandals and am noticing that my heels and the balls of big toes are developing some hard, dry skin. I do give myself home pedicures once a week, but I also like to just cover my feet in this cream and a pair of socks to give my feet much needed moisture.

I suspect I'm not the only girl to have a bedside beauty stash, what is in yours?

p.s The Jurlique Cream Mask and Hand Cream were a PR gift. 
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