Wednesday, 21 May 2014

MAC Russian Red

Red lips make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t understand the tones that suit me or even how to apply it neatly without making it look like I am going for The Joker look. But the first day of my wedding celebrations called for a red lip so I marched on down to MAC and asked them what to do.

I tried the shade Ruby Woo and still wasn’t convinced red is for me, then the makeup artist handed me Russian Red and that was that.
Unlike Ruby Roo, Russian Red is much more warm toned and a deeper red, which I realise I prefer. It has a true matte finish, and being matte means that the wear time is impressive — even after eating I didn’t feel the need to reapply. Matte finishes can lean on the drying side, but while I can’t say that this is moisturising, it didn’t dry my lips out.

I understand now why they say there is a red for everyone and I know I have found mine. I ended up wearing Russian Red both days of my hen weekend, my wedding and it was the only red lipstick I packed with me moving to the Middle East. The picture below was actually taken after my wedding, I realised after  I got back that I didn't have a picture of my makeup. The lipstick lasted through hours of celebrations, eating, drinking and kissing what was hundreds of family members.

At £15 it was more than I had paid for a lipstick before, but worth it because it hasn’t ended up unloved in a drawer and is one of many makeup momentos of I have from the wedding.

You can check it out Russian Red here

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