Monday, 19 May 2014

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour

Liz Earle already have a colour range and towards the end of last year added nail polish to their collection.

The collection started with 12 shades, grouped into three sets of four: classic nudes, bold brights and deep darks and I feel I can confidently say there will be at least one colour that you love. The bold brights aren’t particularly bold, especially if you are drawn to neon shades, but all the colours are muted and gentle, perfect for everyday wear.

The formulas are designed to be strengthening and are enriched with avocado and borage oils to  nourish the nail and give a glossy finish.

The formula is on the runny side, but the colour payoff is great and something I haven’t experienced with such a formula before. In a hurry one coat would be enough, but I always prefer to add a second. The finish is streak-free and glossy and the drying time is pretty quick too.
At the event I was matched to the shade Sandstorm at the nude colour that would suit my skin tone best, and it really does. It is such a beautiful everyday colour that will see me through all seasons.

I also chose to try Pink Perpetue from the bold brights collection. As you can tell for a “bold” shade it is pretty muted, but I like that it is what I consider an office and night out suitable shade.
The polish claims to last 12 days, but unfortunately that wasn’t my experience, without a top coat I managed around 2 days, but with a top coat I only started to noticed wear at the tips at day 4 and chipping on day 5. Although it is not 12 days that is still excellent wear in my opinion.

I have to admit, the colour range was something I largely ignored from Liz Earle since I was convinced it was only good for skincare, but I am really looking forward to trying some of the makeup collection now.

I am very impressed with the polish launches and, as I said before, I am sure there will be at least one colour for all. The range has since been extended to include some beautiful spring inspired shades. Each bottle costs £7.50, which for the formula and colour payoff is a price I would be willing to pay.

If you are interested in getting your own Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour is available now online and instore. You can also find Liz Earle stands in Boots and John Lewis stores.
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