Thursday, 1 May 2014

Beauty fix: Dubai haul

I'm back! Apologies for the unplanned break, I actually didn't realise just how long it had been since my last post.

Settling into a new life has been challenging, and one of the more challenging things is living without the British high-street! But, during a recent trip to Dubai, I managed to get a beauty fix with a small haul from Sephora and duty free.
I already had some items on my wish list, one of which was Sephora's cream lip stain much raved about by Mouldy Fruit. I'm going through a lipstick phase and since I don't tend to reapply throughout the day, stains appeal to my lazy side.
All but one of the colours, Infinite Rose, have a true matte finish. Infinite Rose is a bit more multidimensional, it has a matte base, but also a shimmer, making it suitable for anyone that isn't normally a fan of the matte look, plus it looks gorgeous in the sunlight.
I also picked up the Sephora airbrush concealer brush based on the review by Buy Now, Blog Later. I'm yet to use it partly because I love the packaging and I like to keep things looking new for as long as possible! I've never used a brush specifically for concealer so I am interested to see how this will affect my overall look.
Another lipstick purchase was the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick, I already know how good they are after testing one at an Urban Decay masterclass. I opted for the shade Fiend, which is a good everyday, neutral-pink colour and also picked up the 24/7 Glide-on lip pencil in the shade Manic. I believe there is a corresponding lip-liner for each shade, but both Sephora's I visited didn't seem to have a Fiend liner.
Finally, after all the swatching I did in the store I ended up picking up the waterproof eye makeup remover, Sephora had their cleansers dotted around for people to test and this seemed to remove the lip stains effortlessly from my hand and lips.
In duty free I found myself at MAC, I had a few pre-wedding MAC purchases and I wanted to add to the makeup memory box the Mineralised Skin Finish in the shade Soft and Gentle. This was the highlight used on my wedding day and didn't need much more of an excuse to buy it.
I also picked up a small bottle of Fix+ to test, I left my setting spray in London and with the type of heat I am experiencing here finding a good one is a must.

Expect full reviews of the products in due course and please say hi in the comments to let me know you  are still around!
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