Tuesday, 11 February 2014


In two weeks time life will have changed quite drastically for me. This weekend I am getting married and the following Friday I will be relocating to start a new life in the Middle East.

I’m feeling quite overwhelmed right now, there has been a lot to organise for the wedding and once that is done I will have to face the task that is fitting my life into a suitcase.
As a skincare and beauty enthusiast naturally my biggest concerns are to do with how my face and hair will react to the weather and water. Should I expect my makeup to just slide off my face? And is a 23kg luggage allowance enough to carry all my skincare?

I of course plan to continue blogging while I am out there, hopefully being much more consistent than I have been the last few months, which is hopefully understandable now. I also plan on starting a separate blog, documenting the move and how I am adjusting to the lifestyle — once I have that up and running I will post a link here for those of you that would be interested in seeing how I am getting on.

Lots of love,
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