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Discovery Club Edition 5 from The Fragrance Store

The Fragrance Store is now offering its fifth Discovery Club box, yes fifth! It doesn't seem that long ago I blogged about the second box.
This box features 4 extra samples, so you have 9 inside to try - 6 female and 3 male! And, as before, there's a £5 voucher for each fragrance inside the box. 
Focussing on classic scents, this quarter includes:
Jean Paul Gaultier, “Classique”
Top notes: Fresh rose and ginger
Heart notes: Sparkling orange blossom and star anise
Base notes: Vanilla and amber
What I think: I own a full size of this fragrance already. The bottle is iconic and the scent inside fits the seductive, feminine theme. It's not something I wear on a daily basis because I find the scent too "heavy" for that, but it does look beautiful on the dressing table in the meantime. 
Nina Ricci, Nina
Top notes: Lemon and lime
Heart notes: Red toffee apple with sweet praline
Base notes: Cotton musk and wooden accords
What I think: Another iconic bottle, this time in the shape of an apple. The scent is fresh and fruity and much more suitable to wear everyday. 
Gucci, Gucci Guilty 
Top notes: Mandarin and pink pepper
Heart notes: Peach, lilac and geranium
Base notes: Amberry, patchouli, lilac and geranium
What I think: I'm guilty of not actually knowing about this scent previously, despite its classic credentials. It is oriental and floral and like Gaultier something I would save for special occasions rather than wear everyday because it seems quite rich. 
Thierry Mugler, Angel
Top notes: Bergamot and helional
Heart notes: Fruit and honey
Base notes: Vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli
What I think: The first of two Mugler fragrances that made the box. I remember a lot of girls at school loving this scent. Like Gucci, it has oriental tones and although I don’t love it, I can understand why a lot of people do. 
Thierry Mugler, Alien
Top notes: Mandarin orange and citrus
Heart notes: Jasmin and white flower
Base notes: White amber and cashmeran
What I think: Alien is a scent I knew of but never tried. It has a floral but woody scent that I didn’t like at first, but once it settled it was much nicer. That said, when walking around I would occasionally I would get a whiff of a scent that wasn’t too pleasant so I would give this one a miss.
Givenchy, Very Irresistible
Top notes: Star anise flower and verbena leaf
Heart notes: Rose garden, peony and centifolia
Base notes: Passion, fantasia and emotion rose
What I think: This is quite a delicate and sweet scent but not so sickly sweet. I like that I loved the scent from the first spray and that I didn’t need to let it settle before deciding.  
Issey Miyake, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme
Top notes: Yuzu (a Japanese citron)
Heart notes: Nutmeg and cinnamon
Base notes: Amber tobacco, sandalwood and vetiver
What I think: My least favourite of scent of the men’s selection. I can’t pinpoint exactly, but I think I think it is the fruity, tobacco combination. 
Hugo Boss, Boss Bottled
Top notes: Oakmoss, bergamot, apple and lemon
Heart notes: Cinammon and mahogany
Base notes: Sandalwood, oakwood and vanilla 
What I think: The scent is quite subtle and something I would consider wearing myself. There is no one scent that I pick up on more than another, but rather they all work together to create something that smells lovely. 
Hugo Boss, Hugo Man,
Top notes: Grapefruit, green apple and mint
Heart notes: Lavender and jasmine
Base notes: Musk and pine needles
What I think: The mint hits you straight away with this scent, of the two Boss fragrances it is the one I consider more of a typical mans scent. That said, even though it is stronger I feel like it would be the safest choice to buy as a gift if you aren’t sure what scent a guy would like — even though I personally like Boss Bottled more. This just has that universal feel to it. 

If you are after a chance to try some classic scents this is the box for you. The addition of three men’s scents is also great if you are after a gift for a man in your life for Valentine’s day.

Each scent has a handy £5 discount but you need to get your hands on the box soon as they expire at the end of February. The box can be ordered from The Fragrance Store website.

Are you tempted?

p.s The Discovery Box was sent to me for review; however, all opinions expressed are my own. 
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