Monday, 20 January 2014

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

So with all the hype I had to get myself the Maybelline Eye Eraser and see what it could do for me. 

The concealer comes in a plastic tube with a foam applicator that is meant to allow you to apply and blend the concealer without the need for a brush.
I chose the shade light, rather than nude, because I wanted that ultra bright under eye look, although with my skin tone I could have got away with using either.

The consistency of the concealer is incredibly light and the coverage is good, although I suspect it not good enough for anyone with particularly dark circles. It definitely gives a brightening effect but the down side is that it doesn’t last very long.
Unfortunately I only got three days use from the sponge as an applicator, so I can only comment on using it those few times. I dropped the tube, and I drop everything at some stage, but with this it was enough to break it so that the twist mechanism stopped working and I had to depot it.

When using the sponge the main issue I had was that rather than blending the product in I would just be adding more on top, possibly because I dispensed too much in the first place, but realistically the sponge always has product on it and I would rather use a clean sponge at the blending stage.
So now I blend with my fingers or using a beauty blender. I would suggest taking some time blending since the product can gather in fine lines and this never looks good. Setting with a powder also extends the wear time a little.

I bought this in an attempt to resist the urge to buy the Nars Creamy Concealer, this is a third of the price at £7.99 and is a good option for those looking for a light and purse friendly under eye concealer, but it didn’t stop me picking up Nars.

What is your go to concealer for under the eyes, or do you prefer something that you can use on blemishes too?
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