Saturday, 25 January 2014

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Call me lazy, but gone are the days when I could be bothered to paint my nails regularly.

Cue CND Vinylux Weekly Polish. With the look and application of a normal polish, Vinylux promises to last up to seven days and it doesn't need a lamp or any other expensive equipment to do this.

Instead the weekly polish and the weekly top coat are designed to work together to create cross-linked polymer bonds, what this means is that the polish is more durable and is resistant to chips. This also means that a base coat isn't needed. Exposure to natural light is also meant to enhance the durability, an idea that I don't really understand but is cool nonetheless. 

The polish has a thick consistency, which I found it a little difficult to work with. Ideally two thin coats are needed but this can make the finished result look streaky, so I opted for a thin first coat and a thicker second coat.

The polish dries quickly, quicker than a regular polish, and has the look and feel of gel nails. The final step is to apply a coat of top coat and let it dry. 
I have the shade Tinted Love #153, which is a deep red shade with a plum undertone. I managed four days before starting to see wear at the tips and after a week I didn't have any chips, but the tips had worn down quite a bit. On my second attempt wearing, I tried sealing the tips to see if this would extend the life, but it didn't make any difference, I actually experienced wearing sooner! 

The polish can be removed with regular nail polish remover but it does take a little more time.

For me the CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes are a good middle ground between a typical nail polish and a cured polish like Shellac. You get the longevity and high shine, without the price tag and the long removal process.

Amazon seem to be the cheapest source for the polishes, although the price per 15ml bottle depends on the colour, ranging from £5 to £9. Otherwise a full size bottle is £9.99 and can be purchased online from various suppliers, including here and here.
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