Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Beauty haul: Christmas treats for me

So my plan to use up two makeup products before repurchasing one has failed spectacularly, and although I would like to say I feel bad, I don’t and even though I don’t do this often I am excited to share my haul with you.

It started with a trip to Westfield with All That Slap and Truely Madly Beauty, where I was led into the bright lights of Kiko and told I was not allowed to leave without buying something (that’s my side of the story anyway).

I opted for two smoky eye pencils, one in a brown and another in a beautiful coral shade. Partly through wanting to try new makeup looks and partly through laziness, I have started using single shades of eyeshadow for an every day look, simply applying all over the lid and smudging and blending it out to the shape I want.

I haven’t used these yet but I am hoping they will be crease proof and easy to blend and be that simple eye makeup look I am after.

I also picked up two Barry M polishes in a gorgeous rose toned and a gold shade. I really do not need any more nail polish but of all the nail effects ever, the textured sandy effect is my favourite. I already have some from OPI, which are matte textured, but I loved these two shades and think they are a nice addition to the collection.

After being lured into Liberty through one of their rush to the counter offers I finally got my hands on Nars creamy concealer, for a long time my shade, custard, was not in stock but it seemed rude not to pick something up after I walked away with a free Orgasm blush.

My next purchase was some Urban Decay goodies using birthday vouchers I had built up while taking advantage of a 10% off promotion. Of course I had to add the new Naked 3 to my collection and I’ve long been lusting after the Naked Flushed palette, which includes a bronzer/contour, blush and highlight. I know I didn’t really need this, but the colours are beautiful and having it all in one palette is always handy.

I also picked up the Good Karma optical blurring brush and the vitamin infused B complex prep spray. Like the Flushed palette, they were indulgent purchases, but ones I know will be well used.

My final purchase was the EX1 Invisiwear liquid foundation. EX1 is a brand I have heard a lot about since it is meant to be ideal for Mediterranean and Asian skin tones. I have been using this for two weeks now and so far I am impressed but I will save a full review of this and the other products for another post.

What did you treat yourself to this holiday season and what would you like to see a review of first?

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