Thursday, 14 November 2013

First Impression: Elemis Cellular Recovery Capsules

There is something about tearing open a capsules every day, squeezing out the precious drops of oil and gently applying it to the skin that seems very indulgent.

There is a good reason for packaging a product this way, by keeping the product sealed no artificial preservatives are added and the purity is maintained.

These little capsules from Elemis contain moringa oil, an antioxidant that is found in many anti-ageing products.

The capsules are colour coded pink and green. The contents of the pink capsule, which contains the scent of rose is applied in the morning and the green capsule contains lavender and should be applied at night since the scent encourages good sleep.

The best way I found to apply was to twist off the tip of the capsule, carefully squeeze out the oil onto my fingertips and warm it between my fingers before dabbing onto the skin. The amount of product is small so there is just enough to cover the face.

I received a sample of 14 capsules, enough for seven days, from my latest QVC today’s special value offer. They described the capsules as an intensive anti-ageing treat for the skin, but in seven days other than feeling that my skin was well hydrated I didn’t experience any anti-ageing effects. Either this isn’t enough time to tell or I’m not at the age to notice anything yet, I prefer to think the latter. 

Applying the pink capsules in the morning I found that my makeup lasted half the usual time and just slide off my face so I would recommend using the capsules once a day, which would also stretch out how long one pot of capsules last. 

Elemis usually sell 62 capsules in a pot for £62, which would be over four weeks of application, more if using only once a day, but it can be found for cheaper from Amazon and Look Fantastic. The travel size containing 14 capsules can also be purchased for £16.70 from Time to Spa, but I would say if you really want to see what the capsules can or can’t do you need to splash out for the full size. 

Let me know, what product is your most indulgent?
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