Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My experience of Gold Collagen

I purchased Gold Collagen at the Vitality Show earlier this year and shortly after was invited to attend a one-month trial looking at how the product affected my collagen levels and the overall condition of my skin.

The scientist in me was curious and so I agreed and visited the offices in central London. After answering some basic questions and having a reading of my skin thickness and collagen levels I was sent home with a 10 day supply and asked to return after that.
I knew from reading blogs when the product was first released that the taste of the product wasn't great, but honestly I didn't find it that bad. The smell is fishy but the taste isn’t, there is a slight sweetness but not something that I would ask for seconds of.

I was advised that the drink should ideally be taken one hour before food but with food was also fine.
After a few days I noticed that I was starting to get small red spots around my chin and I could only put this down to the drink and the high amount of fish oil, which can result in spots for some. Thankfully they cleared quickly and didn't scar and I was told that this had been reported before and that with time this dies down.

Previous trials showed that after a month of taking Gold Collagen participants showed an increase in skin hydration and elasticity and a decrease in fine lines and deep wrinkles. After the first 10 days I went back to find my collagen levels had almost doubled and based on that I decided to go for another 10 days and see what happened even though I couldn’t report any other differences in the condition of my skin, hair or nails

After 20 days I had another increase in collagen levels but again no difference in my skin but the small spots stopped appearing.

While it is great that clearly the drink was doing something on the inside, the fact that it wasn’t making any external difference gave me less incentive to carry in weeks three and four.

At age 29 I don’t have too many fine lines and no deep wrinkles yet so I suspect that I am not the prime candidate to notice the benefits of taking a collagen supplement and at £35.99 for a 10 day supply it is too much to pay in my opinion.

How do you feel about supplements for skin health or would you rather stick to creams and lotions?
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