Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Range

I've never noticed the benefits of using a hair care range together until I used Bumble & Bumble's Curl Conscious products.

Including a shampoo, conditioner, hair masque, curl reviver and two curl creams, together the products provide soft and beautifully defined curls. The entire curl range smells gorgeous. I can't pinpoint the scent exactly but it is sweet and fresh at the same time.
Everything by Bumble & Bumble is designed to compliment one another but what is unique to bumble is that all the products are designed to be layered and you don't get a sticky or heavy feeling in your hair if you do.
Both the shampoo and conditioner have lasted over 3 months and have left my hair in the best condition it has been for a long time. My hair is soft and manageable, and after washing I have hardly any knots. My hair is clean but not squeaky clean and the shampoo produces a good lather so I am able to use only a little product. 
The hair masque really is a treat because my hair is in such good condition anyway I only tend to use the masque once or twice a month to indulge. What I like about it is that it is easy to spread in the hair and not difficult to wash out. The design of the tube is also great, rather than a conventional screw lid, you twist the lid and
There are two curl creams available, one for course and another for fine curls. I personally prefer to use the course curls cream although truthfully I didn’t notice much of a difference between the two but I was convinced that the course cream gave me more defined curls. I’ve left my curls to dry naturally and have used a diffuser to dry and this also doesn’t affect the finished result.
I have already done a separate post on the mist and how I use this to revive two/three day old curls. Using the mist is a lovely trick and part of the reason I have been able to stretch out the life of the products since I was previously washing my hair to revive the curls rather than because it actually needed a wash. 

Considering that the range is a lot more than I would normally be willing to spend (the products range from £18.50-£23.50), I'm glad that a little product goes a long way. A 50p size of shampoo gives enough of a lather all my hair throughly and a similar amount with the conditioner and cream.

If you buy the products directly from Bumble & Bumble they offer free delivery and samples with orders over £25 but the products can also be purchased from most department stores and Boots.

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