Friday, 20 September 2013

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

I spent this evening hearing all about the new offerings from Liz Earle (post to come) and was reminded how much I love the brand. If you ask me what one product you have to try you might be surprised to know that it's not Cleanse and Polish.
Excuse my packaging, as you can see it’s been loved!
As nice as it is there is a product that is an unsung hero in my opinion and that's Superskin Concentrate. Packed with Argan oil in the days before it became so popular, the concentrate also contains rosehip oil, neroli, lavender and chamomile essential oils and vitamin E.

I'm a huge fan of oils in general, and if you don't have one in your routine I highly recommend. SSC promises to soften dry or mature skin and balance combination or oily skin
My story with SSC goes like this...

At the height of my acne and scarring problem I was using lots of products aimed at oily skin that were drying out my skin and just making the problem worse.

I had a bottle of SSC from a set I purchased, from QVC of course, and for whatever reason I whipped out the little tube and slathered it all over my face and went to sleep.

The next morning my skin was soft, plump and glowing and my spots smaller and less red.

Since I use this as my bedtime treat and it is the only product that remains by my bedside. The smell is gorgeous, the blend of the oils results in a smoothing, calming scent that

At the event I learnt that the concentrate is actually very versatile, it can be added to moisturiser for a boost and cleanser too, used in the bath and under face masks.

The entire Superskin range is great, after the concentrate I would recommend the body cream, which is ideal now we are getting into the colder months because it is so hydrating. It has the same great smell as the concentrate and it soaks into the skin well without leaving a greasy feeling. It is a little on the pricy side for a body cream, £29.50 for 200ml, but you could just invest in the concentrate and add a few drops to your regular body cream for the boost.
The Superskin concentrate costs £40.50 for a 28ml bottle and £20 for the 10ml rollerball, which I own. Although the price seems high, I’ve had mine longer than I can remember and a little goes a long way so the value for money is there. What I love is that there is also a 2ml sample size available for £6 available from the Liz Earle website.

As always I would recommend heading to QVC for a real bargain with the prices. A lot of the time individual items are cheaper and sets have multiple products for the price of one.

Let me know what your unsung hero product is for Liz Earle or another brand. I would love to know what to try next!
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