Thursday, 26 September 2013

He Shi Express Liquid Tan

I dipped into the world of self-tanning earlier in the year and when the sun started shining I wanted my skin to have a little more colour as I dusted off my summer dresses.

I received He-Shi Express Liquid Tan after attending a blogger event and was advised that from the range of products this was the best for me since I’m a bit paranoid about streaky application.
The Express Liquid Tan is a self tanning bronzer, which can be used on the body and the face. The tan should be applied with the He-Shi Self Tanning Mitt, pouring the solution into the mitt and applying by wiping over the skin in circular motions.

Because it has a tinted formula, you can see exactly where you have applied and it prevents any streaks or patches from developing. It also means that you have a tan immediately, which then develops into a deeper colour over the next few hours — and I’m happy to say, no streaks! It is also worth noting that I didn’t exfoliate before applying the tan and I didn’t have any problems with too much colour building up at my knees, ankles etc as you might expect.

The colour that develops is very natural looking. You can build it up by applying a second layer immediately after the first or do it more slowly by reapplying the next day.
On the right you can see where the tan has been applied, leaving a light tint of colour
Apart from the easy application the drying time is very fast, two-minutes fast. I usually apply at night and I haven’t had any transfer of colour onto my clothes or my sheets.

The colour has lasted over 5 days and I plan on reapplying once a week just to maintain it and I will definitely be repurchasing when I do run out. It is hard to say how long a bottle will last, at the moment I am using it all over but in the winter I may only do my face and neck. I would advise that you only pour out a small amount of liquid at a time to avoid waste — it is quite easy for the liquid to pour straight off the mitt and onto the floor, so it’s best to do this over the sink.

The He-Shi Express Liquid Tan costs £20.00 for 150ml, but there are also smaller and larger bottle sizes too and all can be found on the He-Shi website.
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