Sunday, 15 September 2013

Empties #1

As I mentioned in my ’sorting things out’ post, I will be reintroducing empties to document how I am getting on with reducing my stash.

These are empties from the last month or so, and I'm glad that I have a lot of makeup products, I think it will be standard to showcase a cleanser or two but makeup always takes that much longer.

I finished my second pot of Eve Lom cleanser, which I got as part of a Christmas sale set. I do love using a balm cleanser but ultimately I don't know how much good this particular one was doing for my skin and there are others out there that I would rather use so this won't be making it to my repurchase list. 

I reviewed the Alpha-H anti-ageing cleanser not too long ago. I actually have two more as a set on auto repeat from QVC, and another to come. It's a good cleanser but a hassle to use because you have to be so careful around the eyes. 

I don't know why let the cleanser from Natio sneak into the picture, I did say I wouldn't include things that were samples and not memorable and this covers both. It came from a Birchbox and I can only describe it as 'ok'. It turned into my shower cleanser, which are generally the ones I don't love that much but will use when I am in a hurry. 

I also have two mascaras in the pile, a mini They're Real from Benefit and one from No7 that's have lots of because it seems to be the standard free gift with purchas mascara. They are both mascaras I really enjoy using because they are lengthening and separate the lashes well. I have too many unopened mascaras but when the day comes that I need a new one, these will be considered. 

Another empty was the Garnier eye roll on, which is extremely good value for money because it lasts for ages. I won't be repurchasing though because it isn't particularly long lasting as a concealer and I want a product that is more brightening too. 

Finally, I have also finished my Urban Decay primer potion, I definitely want to repurchase this but I have another primer that I want to use up first. It makes my eyeshadow last for over 12 hours without creasing, which is great. 

So according to my self-imposed rule I can buy two new makeup purchase since I've used up four products, but since the ultimate plan is to clear out the cupboards I'm going to pass up that treat.....for now.

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