Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sorting out the problem…..

I don’t know if this happens to every beauty blogger and beauty addict at some stage, but lately looking into my cupboards and makeup bag(s) I feel a bit guilty.

I like to buy things on sale and special offer, which usually means I have a selection of new products at my disposal. The privilege of being invited to events means that I am given new product to try and all together this means that I have quite a collection.

So I plan to reduce my stash and guilt in the process. I’ve already given away products that I am no longer loving or will never use to friends and family and I also have a small box ready to be sent to Give and Makeup.

On the blog I will be resurrecting empties posts, but only sharing things I feel are an achievement and that deserve a mention rather than every sample, shower gel and deodorant. Rather than monthly this will be as and when I have a decent number of products to write about.

I also plan on rotating my remaining makeup much more than I do so that everything gets some love and I’m going to keep to my promise of only purchasing when I have used up two products. 

Do you get beauty addict guilt? And how to you make sure you make the most use out of everything you own?
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