Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My microdermabrasion experience

The next experience I wanted to share with you is of a microdermabrasion treatment I had at a Skin Clinic.

I had a voucher for a microdermabrasion or glycoylic acid treatment, at the time I had a lot of acne scarring and was still breaking out regularly and of the two treatments I was advised that microdermabrasion would give me the best results.
These aren’t microdermabrasion crystals, only what I imagine them to look like!
How it works
Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals that are sprayed onto the skin to remove the outer layer of your skin. It is basically an exfoliation procedure and a harsh feeling one at that.

How it feels
After cleansing my skin the treatment started. The device feels like a vacuum cleaner you get that same suction feeling with the added sensation of being scratched continuously as the crystals are blasted at you.

The head of the device is quite small so small areas are treated at a time. I had quite an angry spot at the time and the therapist was careful to work around this rather than potentially cause damage. The time of the treatment is going to depend on how much you can/want to treat

It's not particularly painful, more uncomfortable. Although areas like the nose and cheeks feel more sensitive. But it is certainly not the relaxed, close your eyes and fall asleep facial that I prefer.

I was advised after the treatment to not apply anything to my skin for the rest of the day and night and warned that my skin would look red, which it did. This was probably the worst thing for me, leaving a salon makeup free is always uncomfortable but being quite red makes it worse.

After the treatment you also need take care of your skin well in terms of using sun protection, for obvious reasons.

The results
After one treatment my skin was much brighter and clearer, to the point that people noticed a difference for the better. Of course one treatment isn't enough though and if were to try it again I would buy a course of at least 6 to get cumulative results. I would specifically want to target my pitted scars but microdermabrasion is good for all types of scaring, except for burns, and for those with acne.

I used a voucher offering the treatment followed by a manuka honey face mask, which isn’t normally included, and paid £30, but from what I have seen prices usually start from £50, with deals for 3 treatments or more.

Would you consider microdermabrasion? I will be starting home glycoylic peels soon, which may be a great alternative so look out for my experience. 

p.s The link in this post has been sponsored but the experience and my opinion of it is my own.
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