Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bio-Oil: My skin story

I was about 16 when I first used Bio-Oil and since discovering it in a local pharmacy I have never been without a bottle.

A had an average level of acne as a teenager, which didn't bother me, but what did was the dark scarring that was left behind with each spot.
When I spied Bio Oil at the counter claiming to reduce scars and even out skin tone I knew I had to buy it and at £20 it was my most expensive beauty purchase ever at the time. It felt luxurious to use and I still love the smell as much as I did when I first started using it.

The results took time, I would say over a month, but Bio-Oil did wonders at reducing my scarring to almost nothing.

Because it is so multifunctional one way or another I was using it every day, either on my legs and other parts of my body to moisturise, adding it into a bath, on holiday as an aftersun and I would highly recommend everyone trying it as a massage oil!

These days I still have a bottle by my bed and I use it as an overnight treat when I feel my skin needs some TLC. If I have small spots or dry patches Bio-Oil clears them up overnight and I always wake up with my skin looking brighter, clearer and plump. At night, I apply a thick layer but during the day I take more time to massage a small amount into my skin as it can look shiny.

On Facebook Bio-Oil are currently running a campaign encouraging women to share their skin stories and how Bio-Oil has helped. The campaign supports 3 charities, and for every story shared, Bio-Oil are donating £1 to either The British Skin Foundation, Look Good Feel Better or The Iolanthe Midwifery Trust, there are some amazing stories on there so I would recommend you check them out, link here!

Let me know if you have used Bio-Oil, your story and what product have you used as long as you can remember?
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