Monday, 26 August 2013

Beetox Bee Venom Serum review and giveaway

I’m a bit of a sucker for skincare that uses exotic ingredients and bee venom and manuka honey certainly count as exotic to me.

Beetox is a newly launched UK skincare brand containing bee venom and manuka honey, which combined is meant to have anti-ageing effects on the skin, including reducing lines, wrinkles and large pores, soothing and healing the skin, improving skin texture and reducing redness.

It is the bee venom that is meant to provide the anti-ageing effect, while the honey allows the venom to penetrate deeper into the skin. Because the product does contain bee venom there is a risk of allergic reaction so the brand do recommend a patch test first.
I used the serum twice daily for over a month. In the first two weeks I noticed that although my skin condition looked good it felt rough to the touch. I’m not sure if this was because I stopped using liquid gold in order to test this properly or if it was the product. Chances are it was a combination of both but using a gentle exfoliator was enough to deal with the issue. 

After cleansing I applied a few small drops to my face and neck and massaged in gently. The smell reminds me of baby powder and I love that! 

Even though the serum looks like a thick consistency it absorbs immediately and left no sticky residue. The instructions suggest that for the best results to let the serum soak into the skin for 5 minutes then follow with moisturiser. I rarely did this just because timing in the morning was an issue, but it was never a problem in terms of how my makeup would apply.

The most impressive thing about the serum for me was the hydrating properties. My skin is normally very dry but when using this it became more normal and when I stopped using it, my cheeks became dry once again. Just to get the best value out of the serum now I would choose to apply it topically to my cheeks, the areas where I also have some scarring.
Beetox say that the hydrating properties of the serum help with cell regeneration and work to reduce the appearance of any scars, fine lines or wrinkles. Although in a month I didn’t notice a reduction in my scars I hope that with another months use I will.

The serum costs £45 and in one month I used about a third, so I would expect this to last 3 months in total. The serum and other products from the brand are available to purchase online.

I was very lucky to be sent two bottles of serum, one for review and another to offer my lovely readers. Just check out the Rafflecopter widget below for all the details. Being a serum and because I am not sure on the rules for rules for posting liquids aboard I am afraid I will be keeping this giveway to UK only.

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