Sunday, 4 August 2013

Avon introduces True Colour Technology

Avon is a brand I have a lot of fond memories with. My mum and my aunt were both Avon ladies and my first makeup was all Avon. In fact I pretty much hijacked the little suitcase filled with mini lipstick samples, gloss and eyeshadow that she was meant to use to help clients decide what to buy.

It’s been a few years since I’ve used their makeup so when I was invited along to see the new offerings from the brand I was excited to see what had changed.

The new products, which will be released on 22 August, comprise of 17 new eye palettes and 60 lip colours and all bloggers at the event were lucky enough to be sent home with a selection to try.

The unique thing about the latest additions is the True Colour Technology, which means that the shade you see is the shade that you get. 

For now I just wanted to give you a peek at the reviews you can expect to see in the coming weeks as I work my way through the collection — let me know what catches your eye and what you would like to see reviewed first.
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