Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Atelier Cologne Silver Iris

One of the privileges of blogging is that I get to discover brands and products that I may not encounter otherwise and of course share them with you.

One such brand is Atelier Cologne, a fragrance company that strive for luxury and elegance in their scents, packaging and image and they certainly achieve it.
I’ve always associated the word cologne with a mens fragrance but on the night I learnt that it actually means, scent around citruses. Typically colognes are not known to last on the skin but Atelier Cologne wanted to create something that would. They use natural ingredients when they can always looking for the best raw materials, and at 18% the colognes can be considered a pure perfume.

Although the brand has been around for 7 years, they have recently launched a new and innovative set of colognes, the Metale collection, so called because the glass bottles that contain the cologne are coated in silver or gold.
Each fragrance has its own story, Silver Iris is about a woman who finds love. The scent has top notes of Italian tangerine, Chinese pink pepper and blackcurrant from Burgundy; heart notes of violet leaves, iris Pallida and mimosa; and base notes of Indonesian patchouli, white amber and Brazilian tonka bean — this all combines to form scent that starts off strong but develops to be subtle and I loved that throughout the day I would get random whiffs of the scent.

The gold scent, Gold Leather, uses a natural plant extract that has the scent of cognac and had a strong musky scent.

Both scents are suitable for men and women but in my opinion that the silver leans more to being a scent for a woman and gold for men.

At first glance I did think that the colognes are expensive, a 200ml spray bottle of Silver Iris costs £200; however, considering you might spend £50 on a 50ml eau de toilette, this is actually comparable when you consider the cost per ml.
The thought behind the brand, the quality of the ingredients and attention to detail justify the price and a purchase would be a treat.

The price also includes a 30ml travel size and personalised scarlet leather engraved case and cap, the travel size can have any scent you choose from the brand, which I thought was a nice touch as for your money you can walk away with two scents.

In the UK Silver Iris and the other collections of colognes can be purchased from Selfridges.

Let me know, would you ever treat yourself to an Atelier Cologne? I also had the chance to smell the entire range of colognes and one I would save my pennies for next is Blood Orange from the Collection Original.

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