Monday, 1 July 2013

Spray Clay! Pore Refining White Clay Mask

There aren't many times that I come home from an event and immediately want to tear open the product to try. But that's exactly what happened with Clayspray.

Regular blog readers will know that I love face masks, but I also love anything that is novel. When I received the event invite, the image and name had me picturing myself literally spraying a mask onto my face, which thinking about now isn't the best idea anyway — packaging that includes protective eye wear wouldn’t be very cute.
The properties of this clay and it's delivery is what makes it special. Clayspray is made from a pure clay blend with minerals and is 60-65% clay. After blending it is left for 15 days to mature and all the good properties of the clay are maintained.

The mask is the first clay mask that comes in spray format. The air is separated in the canister from the clay so it cannot react, keeping it fresh.

The range has five types of mask for different skin types and concerns and there is even a hair mask! I was given the The Pore Refining Masque mask to try, which was lovely to use but not one I would recommend for dry skin because it does leave your face feeling tight immediately after use. 

So what’s it like to use?

Clayspray recommends that you use their mineral water spray to dampen your face before applying the mask and then use it to soften the clay at the end to remove it.

In my experience you need quite damp skin before applying the mask because it begins to set immediately and you need the water to be able to spread the clay and get a thin layer. I tend to wash my face, not dry it and then spray the mineral water on top before applying the mask.
As with other masks you then lie back and let it set. This masks sets quickly, in under 5 minutes, although I usually leave it on for about 10. At this point is it solid and after softening the mask with the water spray I wipe it away with a  flannel/muslin cloth. But I found that I had to do this at least twice because the mask left a residual layer. 

I've used the mask once a week for a month and overall I can say that my skin is better for it. The day after using the mask my skin was brighter and any small blemishes were reduced. 

I would definitely consider picking up another tube but of a formulation more suited for dry skin. Realistically I wouldn't pay the £18.50 for the mineral water, as much as I am willing to invest in skin care this step seems unnecessary and I don't think you get any better or worse results by not using it. 

The mask costs £41.71 and can be purchased on the Clayspray website

So, I’d love to know if there was a spray on mask would you try it?
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