Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rimmel quad eyeshadow in smokey brun

This is an oldie but goodie eyeshadow palette that I pulled out the back of the cupboard and has led to a lot of compliments on my eye makeup when I have worn it.
Now I’m a bit confused about this palette, in store there is a product with the same name but that has been redesigned, but online this same look palette is available.

I had forgotten how good this palette is. The shades are great to wear on an every day basis and because they apply so smoothly and blend well, I can easily do a quick smokey eye look in under 5 minutes.
What is even more impressive is that without a primer and the shadow has lasted over 8 hours without creasing! Using a primer it lasts for around 12 hours.
In this pic I am also wearing the nude eyeliner I blogged about here!
I remember buying this as a student and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have spent £6.99 on it. I think it is a little pricy for 4 eyeshadows, but as part of a 3 for 2 deal or another other offer it would be worth picking up. This would make a great gift for a newbie to makeup or as a handy sized palette for your bag, which is how I use it.
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