Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Protect your face! Ambre Solaire Sheer Protect

The sun has finally come out to play here in the London! Hooray!

Glee aside, sun protection is something I feel very passionate about and that I have blogged about before. I’ve only ever had sun burn once and whenever I see people with pink or red raw skin I want to go over and plead with them to take more care! Apart from being painful in the short-term, sun burn does damage to your skin and DNA in the long-term.

I picked up Ambre Solaire Face Protect, SPF30 (which is also available in factor 15 and 50), to use on a daily basis. As you can tell from the name, sheer protect is specifically intended for use on the face but it can be used on the body too.
This how much product I use to cover my face and neck, as you can hopefully tell
from the picture the cream has quite a thick consistency

The formula is thicker than I expected for a product called ’sheer’ protect. It is non-sticky but I do find it a little greasy, even though it claims not to be, and it absorbs into the skin well. It does take a little longer than regular moisturiser to absorb so I make sure I cleanse, tone, moisturise etc first thing in the morning so that I can leave the sunscreen to settle before applying makeup.

Of course I can’t comment on how well it actually works as a sunscreen but it is meant to protect against both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) rays.

Ideally you should reapply sunscreen every few hours, especially if you are out in the sun but generally my morning application is all I do. At night, because I use a Clarisonic, I don’t double cleanse but it is recommended that you do to make sure you remove all the sunscreen.
Being summer there are lots of special offers on sunscreen at the moment. I picked the Sheer Protect using a half price offer at Boots.

I’d love to find something with a lighter texture, but for now something is definitely better than nothing.

Do you have a favourite SPF?
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