Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Discover Nuxe

I was invited to an event to Discover Nuxe, which was perfect because apart from seeing their products on shelves in Dubai didn't know anything about them. 
Nuxe is a French natural origin cosmetology brand that has been around since the end of the 1980s. It has its own research and development labs and numerous patented ingredients, which is something that really impresses me. 
At the event were walked through their product range, each designed for either a different skin type/concern and had the chance to feel the products and take in the lovely scents while admiring the new artwork designed to complement the range.

In terms of stand out, must try products, I loved the sounds of the Nuxellence youth and radiance revealing fluid and the Creme Fraiche beauty mask. The Reve de Miel (honey) lip balm also felt great on the lips and was much more nourishing than any lip product I have tried before. 
One of Nuxe’s most famous products is the Huile Prodigieuse, multi-purpose dry oil, which can be applied to face, body and hair.

I've been using this recently and have been surprised by the versatility and how much I like it. I love oils generally but I tend to save them for night time use. Because this is a dry oil means there is no greasy feeling and it dries quickly so I've been able to get dressed straight away without the oil transferring to my clothes.

The smell is gorgeous and I have used this on my legs to moisturise and on my hair to add shine. I have also tried it as a hair mask by applying it to my roots and wrapping my hair in a towel for a few hours before shampooing. After washing my hair felt softer than it has felt it in a long time so I will definitely be using the oil like this again. You can also mix in the oil with your normal moisturiser or foundation to give a smooth and nourished base.

The spritz is quite powerful and I would recommend spraying close to the skin or directly onto your hands and then rubbing where ever you need otherwise you will get a light layer of oil all over the bathroom floor! 
There is also a shimmer version of the oil available. I squirted a little too much on my hand at the event but with the right amount the shimmer would provide a very pretty glow and would be perfect with a tan or for use on sunny days.

You can see Nuxe's full product range and find out more about the brand on their newly launched website

I'd love to know, how did you discover Nuxe? 
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