Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Chocolate Brownie on a Fiery Red head — hair colouring

I quickly became bored of being a red-head.

I’m very bad and dealing with roots and regrowth so I decided to just go back to being a brunette and reapply the shade Chocolate Brownie, which is a shade close to my natural colour but adds some lovely tonal highlights too. 
What I quickly realised is that red is a very difficult colour to get rid and recolouring with brown didn’t get rid of the red complete. However, it did sort out the harsh roots I had and nicely blended everything together and made the red much more subtle.

I still get a lot of comments about my hair colour, even weeks after colouring. Red seems to be one of those shades that as it fades looks different and in some lights even looks purple!

I suspect I won’t get rid of it completely until it grows out but until then I can enjoy the various tones that I seem to be going through!

Let me know about your hair-dying experiences and what you’ve had to do to get rid of a shade.
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