Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Quick review: Filorga Sleep Recover Anti Fatigue Night Balm

A couple of months back, I attended an event for skincare brand Filorga, a French brand that specialise in dermo-cosmetics.

Sleep Recover Anti Fatigue Night Balm is the newest addition to the range and is intended to be used to invert what Filorga refer to as the 'V lines of fatigue’ so that skin/face looks younger and less tired.
Filorga say that the balm is compensating skin care that takes advantage of your sleep to regenerate the skin and fight against signs of fatigue. These are things like under-eye shadows, puffiness and the appearance of tired, drawn features (the down-ward V).
The balm is intended to be used every night, after cleansing. It has a light texture, smells lovely and fresh and absorbs into the skin well.

As directed, I applied this on to a clean face each evening. My skin did feel smooth and soft in the morning but having used it for a couple of weeks I still didn’t see any major improvements in my skin overall.

I suspect that I am not at the right age to see what this product has to offer. I have the initial signs of skin ageing but nothing major yet.

There isn’t a link yet online but Sleep Recover and other Filorga products can found in Marks & Spencer beauty halls.

Have you tried any products from the brand? I think the meso-face peel will go on my to purchase list.
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