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No! No! Hair removal system review

I thought it was about time I write my review the No!No! Hair removal system. Having attended an event recently that had nothing good to say about the device I thought it was worth blogging about my experience, because even though I am not now hair free, I did notice some difference.

I'm not going to go into the design and features of the device because I own an older model and I know that it has been updated since.

I purchased the No!No! in 2010, before I started my blog, for about £160 from QVC. I was already having IPL treatment under my arms and for the cost of three treatments I could, in theory, remove all my body hair with this device so it seemed like a good deal.
The device is known as hot-wire, and is meant to work by conducting heat through the hair, affecting the hair follicle and eventually stopping the hair growth cycle.

A huge advantage of the device in my eyes is that the process is completely pain free. The instructions state to move the device at a steady speed over the skin, in the opposite direction to the hairs, and then buff away the hairs.

As the wire passes over the hairs it burns it off at skin level. This means two things, it smells and hair grows back quickly.

I personally never found the smell of burning hair too offensive. In fact, it made me think the device was doing something. I would open a window or light a candle and the scent would disappear soon enough. I know having spoken to others that they hated the smell and it was off putting to using the device.

The reason hair grows back quickly is because, like shaving, it is only removing the hair at the skin level.

My use of the No!No! was always sporadic. I would use it every other day for a week on my lower legs, then once or twice a month, then fewer. It was easy to use but using it a few times a week was time consuming and you really need to commit to a routine.

After a few months I noticed that my legs were very patchy. I had some areas with no hair growth at all and others where the growth was slow.
No, I don’t usually treat my inside arm but I thought you might appreciate an image of the device in action!
And that is the point I am at today.

For me the No!No! seemed to be doing something and with regular use I would have expected the results to only get better.

The cost, compared to other hair removal devices, is reasonable but it does need you to repurchase the hot wires — not that it is obvious when you should do this — so it is not a one off payment.

At the event I attended they summarised some data that suggested the No!No! is no more effective than shaving when it comes to hair removal. Without seeing the paper I wouldn't want to comment on the results. But it is obvious from using the device that it does shave your hairs, but whether or not it is conducting heat down the hair I do not know — we were told that hair is not a very good conductor of heat.

However, because I have experienced results to an extent I remain undecided. If you already own it, try using it regularly and see what happens. If you are looking into buying a hair removal device I would suggest reading around and if your budget can make it going for one of the laser based devices, which have more positive reviews and research to them.

Have you used any permanent hair removal methods and if so, how have they worked out for you? Also if you would like to know more about my experience of IPL just let me know in the comments below.
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