Friday, 24 May 2013

Dove Maximum Protection anti-perspirant

You know that one person you see on that rare warm day in the UK that is wearing a jumper and boots?

That's me.

I always get it wrong and miss out on the chance to wear summer dresses and not look silly. Not being dressed appropriately combined with rushing around and being cramped on the tube usually results in me being very over heated.
I'm not one of those fortunate girls that barely breaks out in a sweat, I do. Badly. And then I get paranoid. I'm convinced I'm stinking out the carriage or whatever room I'm in, and even though I'm reassured by friends that I'm not I'm left uncomfortable until I can get home and have a shower.

I've tried a lot of "48 hour” protection deodorant/anti-perspirant products, even those ones that you apply the night before and wash off in the morning, but they’ve never quite cut it. At one point I considered looking into having Botox under my arms because I found it so embarassing.

So it was with little expectation that I picked up Dove’s Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant on my latest trip to Boots.
The product is slightly different to use than a regular deodorant. It is a creme formulation and two turns of the dial is the recommended application under each arm. You apply at night and the product is meant to In the morning, even after a shower the And you can reapply if you want, which I do, mostly out of habit.

Since using this I haven't had any embarrassing moments and whereas in the past I have picked up whatever is on offer I know that I'll repurchase this whenever I run out.
This was displayed next to Sure Maximum Protection and the packaging and description is pretty much actually the same so I'm guessing that the results would be much the same. I made the decision to get this one because of the pomegranate and h scent, which is subtle but lovely.

The deodorant costs £5.30 for 45ml, slightly higher priced than other anti-perspirants but a small price to pay in my eyes for confidence.
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