Saturday, 13 April 2013

Spending ban empties

I am so glad I can finally throw these empties into the recycling. Having them piled up over the last three months was very frustrating, but there is a weird satisfaction now looking through the pile of the rubbish.

Minus a few bottles of shampoo, shower gel and a cleanser, this is everything I finished since the new year. I made a point of finishing products that were near the end of their life as well as travel sizes of products I had been saving for trips away. Not only do I not go away very often but when I do I tend to take what I know and like to use.
In total I used up 7 skincare products, 8 shower and body products, 8 hair products, 2 lip products and 1 alcohol gel.

There are only two products in the pile that I was disappointed to finish. The first was Liquid Gold. Having had a series of break outs and a rather bad spot disaster resulting in quite a serious scar I could do with the benefits of glycolic right now. Although I have the Nip + Fab pads, I can now see there limits and for me they are suited to maintaining good skin rather than helping to create it.

The second product was Rimmel’s Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner. I actually ran out of this quite early on and surprisingly don't have any other black waterproof eyeliners. I've tested out a few others in my collection since but I've been disappointed and instead I've started using liquid eyeliner more and leaving my waterline bare.

Products I was glad to finish we're the Bioderma micelle solution, which is something I don't understand the hype for, and the Coconut body cream from Bath and Body works, after so many months of using it I got sick of the scent!
I finished three makeup products, four if you count BB cream as a makeup rather than a skin care product, which based on my new rule, means that I can buy two makeup products. But other than repurchasing the Rimmel eyeliner, nothing I want springs to mind although a good review of any of the new CC creams may tempt me.
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