Monday, 22 April 2013

Sample session: Glamglow Super-Mud

Glamglow are probably best known for their exfoliating, tingling face mask. However, another product in the range is Super-Mud, a mud clearing treatment designed to target, prevent and heal for poreless skin.

Glamglow say that the Super-Mud has been developed to help fight all common skin concerns including, visible pores, problem skin, blemishes, breakouts, black and white heads, which sounds perfect for me right now since going back to college has reverted my skin to its teenage years!
Glamglow Super-Mud can be used as a full face mask or targeted spot treatment. Glamglow suggest applying approximately 2ml of Super-Mud evenly across the skin, which is a thin layer and exactly the amount in the sample sachet.

The mask has a black/grey colour and contains ‘bits’ of product. To me the product has a scent of liquorice, which I personally really like, but the scent didn’t linger for long.

The mask can be used for shorter or longer treatments, leaving it on for between 5 and 20 minutes. After applying, the mask began to set almost immediately and felt tight on my skin. Personally I prefer masks that do not set especially when leaving it on for anything more than a few minutes, but it was easy to remove using a hot, damp face cloth and didn’t feel too uncomfortable. 

I left the mask on for the maximum time of 20 minutes. At this point the mask had completely set and had a pale grey colour but, particularly around my nose and chin, I had spots of dark grey. Glamglow say that this is because of the activation of the pore-matrix in the mask, which “reveals dots of vacuum extraction, absorption and encapsulation of problematic sebum oils, bacteria and toxins”.
Immediately after use my skin looked brighter and my pores smaller. The next morning, my skin felt smooth and I didn’t have some of the smaller red blemished areas that I have been experiencing over the past few days, but I didn’t notice any difference when it came to larger spots.

A full size tub (34g) of Glamglow Super-Mud costs £39.99 and can be purchased online at FeelUnique and Look Fantastic. One tub is meant to provide 17 full face applications, working out at about £2 a treatment or 1,000 spot treatments.

Even though I'm not wowed by this sample, I would consider purchasing it because I expect that results, if any, will only be seen when used regularly and the ingredients, which include glycolylic and salicyclic acid are things my skin usually loves.

If you've used this mask and seen results of love to hear from you. Also let me know what your favourite mask is for dealing with spots instantly!
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