Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My first Birchbox April 2013

You may know that at Christmas I won a subscription to Birchbox at #bbloggersxmas, which I recently activated.

After trying other beauty boxes I had lost my love of them slightly and decided that I was probably best saving £12 a month for one thing that I really wanted.

My first Birchbox arrived this week and I have to say I'm very impressed. I haven't had a chance to test anything yet but I thought I would quickly show you whats inside the box and ask if you would like to see a post like this every month? Or would you just prefer to see reviews of the products as and when I've tried them?

In this months box:

La Societe Parisienne De Savons
I'm not a soap user to be honest but the packaging and everything about this brand says luxury and even if I don't use it, it would look lovely as part of a gift for someone else.
It is worth £8.50, and I am assuming this is full size.

Gerda Spillmann, Renaissance Age Serum
I have a love hate relationship with serum samples. In my experience it takes a few weeks to get results so a sample will never provide you with enough to test the benefits, but it is enough for a first impression and to make sure your skin doesn't react badly, and that's probably all that's needed. Gerda Spillmann is a brand I haven't heard of before so this will be a nice introduction to the brand.
A full size product is £69.

Waleda Skin Food
Waleda is a brand I have tried before but not this product. It is described as an all-natural moisturiser for dry skin and Victoria Beckham is meant to be a fan. Just the name makes it sound perfect to me, so I am looking forward to trying this.
A full sized product is £8.50.

Natio Gentle foaming facial cleanser
I've been trying to move away from foaming cleansers in general but somehow I always seem to end up with another! But Natio say that their cleanser leaves out the traditional lathering chemicals so that skin doesn't feel dry, so I am curious to try this and see how my skin responds.
A full sized product costs £6.80.

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss
I've heard of Mirenesse before but not used the products. I was really pleased to see a makeup product in the box and extra pleased that I got a shade I would wear.
Again, I am assuming this is full size, which means the product is worth £17.50.
Lifestyle extra: Paname Paris mirror
When I first saw this inside the box I thought it was a badge! But in fact it is a lovely sized mirror great for a handbag/makeup case.
This is worth £7.50.

As I said previously I am very happy with the box and I know I'll look forward to it arriving each month. This particular box seems to be great value for money with two full sized products and another two generous sample sizes.

I also briefly want to mention the cute! I'm not sure about the use of the drawstring bag though. I also really enjoyed flicking through the magazine to find out more about the products in the box and other beauty news.

If you are interested in subscribing to Birchbox more information can be found on their website.

Let me know which beauty boxes you love, or are you over the beauty box trend now? Also don't forget to leave me your thoughts on having a regular Birchbox post.
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