Saturday, 23 March 2013

Vitality Show 2013 haul

So after looking forward to it for so long this year’s visit to the Vitality Show has come and gone. Although there were plenty of bargains to be had, this year was “the year we bought all the food” Well not literally, but it felt like it.
The show was divided into six zones, health and nutrition, sport and fitness, beauty and styling, life change, holistic health and healing and yoga.
As I said, all of my purchases were food related, which means I am still on track with my spending ban, woohoo! I products I am most excited to try are Aduna Boabab (powder and capsules), Pure Gold Collagen and Matcha green tea.

I knew after reading a review on All That Slap’s blog that I wanted to start taking Boabab so the 30% discount at the show made the purchase even better. Briefly, Boabab is considered the latest super food and is meant to improve mood, increase energy,  relieve stress, boost the immune system, aid digestion, assist in weight management and maintain good skin and the anti-aging process. 
Pure Gold Collagen is something I read a lot about in the blog world when it was released and I was curious to try it at the time but wasn’t willing to spend £35 for a box of 10. At the show one box was on offer for £10 and I was told because of my age I should only take one bottle twice a week, which means that I have a months supply. My sister and mum also picked up a box each and we will hopefully all report back on results, if any!

Finally, I also picked up Matcha green tea. I have been buying and loving Matcha green tea drinks from Planet Organic and Bubbleology and at an average price of £3 each I figured that a tube for £15 would save me a lot of money. Although I brought it because of the taste, matcha green tea is also meant to have lots of health benefits containing 70-times the antioxidants of vitamin C. 
Imedeen, anti-ageing skincare formulators, were also present at the show and were performing skin analysis using an ultrasound machine to look at the different layers of skin and the collgen at the protein levels. Due to our genetics we were all told that we had above average levels of protein in our skin compared with the average for our ages. We were also given a 16 day supply of the most suitable nutritional supplement for us if we did want to consider taking anything. 
Although I resisted adding to my collection, there were a lot of beauty bargains to be had. The Vintage Cosmetics Company were offering two sets of lashes for the price of one and brushes for 50% off. Tropic Skincare, Green People and other natural/organic brands were also at the show. Zest and Health and Fitness magazine were also on offer with goody bags containing a variety of different treats.

Finally, launching at the show was SoukSouk, a ‘green and clean’ beauty box. If you want to find out more I will be have a separate post dedicated to it, but if you are heading to the show tomorrow be sure to look out for it, I am sure you will be impressed.

Overall, as ever, we had a lovely day at the show. We were stuffed on samples and managed to get some great deals, I can’t wait to see the results of my beauty treats working from the inside out.
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