Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bourjois magic nail polish remover

I know every beauty blogger has reviewed this product already but I just thought I would quickly add my thoughts into the mix.
I remember the hype when Bourjois released their magic 1 second nail polish remover. The speed and ease was meant to be amazing and almost revolutionary!

But I had seen (and blogged about) the concept before, so I didn't really understand the fuss. When I planned to do the Ciate mini mani month I wanted something that was going to make the challenge as easy as possible.
The idea is that you place each finger into the pot, twist and remove a nail polish free finger, all in a second. Well the product is quick, but it’s not that quick and after using I always had to go and wash my hands before trying to apply another polish because of the oily feel of the solution left on my fingers.

On the plus side it is gentle on the skin compared to other similar products and it seems like it will last a while even though some of the sponge started to degrade after the first few uses.

Overall it's alright. At £4.99 it is a reasonable price and better value for money than the nail polish remover pads you can purchase, but I can definitely say I do not think it is worth the hype.
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