Saturday, 2 February 2013

100-day spending ban update

So the first month of the 100-day spending ban is over!

So far I haven’t found the ban too much of a struggle and I’m actually enjoying using up the products I have. I’ve decided that, instead of doing monthly empties I am going to collect everything I have used up for one mass empties post in April!

I have three main tricks that I have used to make the ban easier. 

1. I’ve deleted all emails starting with sale, special offer, exclusive… get the idea. Sale time is generally the hardest for me, because that it when I usually stock up, so I hope that after this month my temptation will be limited. 

2. Avoided the shops. I haven’t stepped inside Boots or even travelled down the beauty aisle at the supermarket. If I don’t look I can’t be tempted. 

3. Stopped reading/watching haul posts. I know that when it comes to clothes there is a chance that I will think, ‘but that won’t be in the shops in April!’ So its best not to know what I am missing out on.  

The ban has been made slightly easier because, last month, I quit my job and started a college course. This means that I won’t have any income for a while and what money I have needs to be spent sensibly, plus classes full time, four days a week, and a minimum of two hours revision a night means that I am far too tired to shop!

Being on the ban has made me realise how much of an emotional spender I am, the days I’ve struggled have been when something at home or work as got me down. I never usually splash out much, but a lipstick or nail polish purchase would usually be my pick-me-up and a distraction from whatever is going on, so it has taken a lot of will power not to cave.

So now there are *only* 68 days to go, it will be interesting to see if I am as positive at the of February!

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